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Lengths Hair Care

The Instructions Listed Below Applies To ALL The Hair Types We Provide

  • -Avoid using a HIGH TEMPERATURE of heat when flat ironing your lengths (It's not needed).
  •  -Try to avoid shampoos/conditioner with sulfates and alcohol
  •  -Gently massage moisturizing conditioner into hair shaft and distributed the conditioner evenly with a wide tooth comb from end to root, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water
  • -You may blow dry (Avoid Close Contact To Your Lengths, When Blow Drying) but, air drying is preferred but you may gently pat the hair with a towel to get excess water out
  • -Avoid Grasping The Root Of Your Lengths, Don’t Overexert When Washing To Avoid Shedding.
  • -Keep hair clean and oil-free 
  • -Try to avoid going to bed with your hair wet, doing so can cause tangles and matting ( the hair being damp is fine)
  • -Do not let hair spray chemicals pile up on your hair,1 good wash will make the hair snap back like when you first purchased it, to get all those chemicals out.
  • -When Brushing/Detangling Your Lengths Start The Ends And Work Your Way Up To The Roots.
Your "La-la Lengths" Will Stay In Good Condition As Long As You Follow What's Listed Above.

For Your 613 Blonde Lengths Hair Care

-You Can Still Treat The Hair As Listed Above, But Due To Dying The Hair Plus More You Must Keep It from Drying Out.

-You Can Apply A Even Amount Of Oil (VERY LITTLE) To The Hair, To Restore.